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Cureus Journal of Medical Science

  • The Open Access medical journal for a new generation of doctors, researchers and patients, eliminating barriers to the generation and dissemination of medical knowledge.
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Cureus does not consider impact factor to be a reliable or useful metric of individual article importance. Cureus is a signer of DORA – the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment – and does not promote the use of journal impact factors. We instead use article-level metrics such as reads, downloads and citations. Cureus also encourages all readers to submit an SIQ (Scholarly Impact Quotient) score for each article. SIQ is our unique post-publication peer review system that assesses article importance and quality by embracing the collective intelligence of the Cureus community-at-large. The following stats are from the prior six months. Averages are displayed for monthly reads, submission to publication time, and accepted articles published for free.