Amanda Ridding on Ignorance of Brevity

Dear Ms Ridding, it appears that you're poorly informed about how we need to operate as a tightly knit group of ignoramus. Your claim:

  • See things for what they are - 1:
    What does, 
    1. the Legislative Assembly of Ontario;
    2. the Superior Court of Justice;
    3. the House of Commons;
    4. the Landlord and Tenant Board;
    5. the House of the Senate; and 
    6. the Ontario Court of Justice 
  • all have in common?

Cited from Criminal Code of Canada. I think the EXACT portion you're looking for is:

  • Section 118 can be a strategic consideration for organizations that engage in critical infrastructure or operations. The risks associated with potential insider threats, cyber attacks, or industrial espionage by unauthorized actors are ever-increasing.
    A better understanding of the legal implications and permissible uses of government authority under section 118 can help organizations better protect themselves and anticipate potential risks. In conclusion, section 118 of the Criminal Code of Canada is a critical legal consideration in many situations that could impact the security of the nation and the individual's rights and freedoms.
    Effective strategic considerations and measures can be employed to ensure that the powerful tool provided by Section 118 is used within the law and maintains due respect for the rights and freedoms of individuals and organizations alike.

More or less...



Anonymous (not verified), Wed, 04/24/2024 - 19:27