Manifest Examples of Creative Bookkeeping

Every single news agency who has been bought and paid for with the 600M buyout bribe has been pushing the fact that we had this HUGE SPIKE of more than 1,000 cases in one day, which is total bullshit.
Read the full breakdown here that there was only one additional (+1) hospitalization, while 775 (was 1,033) souls were unlawfully detained in quarantine for their LACK of symptoms, joining the 14,154 others. And your "260 previous cases shake shit up"...

I repeat, only ONE MOTHERFUCKER WAS ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL on Mar25, and you padded the count with those cases that were dropped off like a 0400H delivery of ballots for Biden.
Makes sense, right? This post was predicated by a fluffy advertorial selling a 3rd lockdown on the unwitting public by Irelyne Lavery in her dumb as a box of ballots article:

Anyway, enjoy my rant below. This is a fucking JOKE.


  • This is a prima facie example of shitty reporting. Irene Lavery of the Toronto Star ran with a story about the fact that on Thursday Mar25, Toronto Public Health reported:
  • — 1,036 new cases
  • — 21 new hospitalizations

  • — 5 new deaths

  • And then the 'competent generalist' timidly notes that "[p]art of that daily total was the 260 previous cases added into Torontoʼs number because of a 'provincial technical issue' with the data."

What fucking bullshit.. does nobody do math anymore? If you're claiming an amount of 1,036 new cases, but you are aware that "part of the total was the 260 previous cases we found in the back room", that means you're NO-WHERE-NEAR 1,000.

At best, you can make the case for 776 "new cases", which makes your inflationary reporting around 33.5%. That means you're a fucking joke.... 776*1.335= 1035.96. Are you that stupid, Ms Lavery?

 Anything else is pure horseshit, and you're a fucking liar, Ms Lavery. You have committed a fraud upon the public by KNOWINGLY distorting the truth by over 33%. You're a fucking moron if you think that shit don't stink, and that we don't see what you're doing smearing it on our windows.

Let's review the facts.. in your article you reported that Toronto had effectually 776 cases of COVID-19 reported on Thursday, and the day before there were 484 new "daily cases", so you average them, and get around 600.

  • Part of that daily total was the 260 previous cases added into Toronto’s number because of a “provincial technical issue” with the data.
  • Leaving out those previous cases, Toronto saw 776 new COVID infections on Thursday [Mar 25]. The last time the city saw a one-day case count that high was Feb.1 when it saw 961 new daily cases.
  • On Wednesday [Mar24], Toronto reported 484 new daily cases.

You are evidently using this trend betweet two points on a graph to extrapolate a continuing increase along its slope, of course. You then go on to quote Colin Furness (who is affiliated with the Evidence Synthesis Network based out of University of Toronto and claiming to be an official Government of Canada office) as saying “steady rise in cases was inevitable.. my conclusion is based on how this variant has played out elsewhere, and the recent increases are consistent with that pattern”..

You did manage to provide a reasonable counterbalance from Toronto Public Health with the claim:

  • A spokesperson for public health told the Star that although the city’s case daily count is “significantly higher,” the seven-day trend is the “best predictor of the overall positivity rate.” On Thursday, the seven-day moving average on the city’s COVID dashboard stood at 464 cases.

But yoou're an idiot, Ms Lavery, although I'm sure the Publisher doesn't want to endanger the Trudeau Bucks you're getting from the $600,000,000 (over half a billion) media bailout pie. Knowing this, you immediately rushed to end on a dismal note with:

  • "With the province now in a third wave.. Ontario reported 2,380 [new] cases of the virus on Thursday [Mar25]."

That is PURE malarky. As you can see from our Ontario Fraud article about the March 24 Case Count Fraud the REAL numbers were as follows:

  • Only an additional 2,100 cases, because there were "..280 previous cases added"
  • Only an additional 55 patients admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 symptoms,
    bringing the patient load to 866 in the entire province
  • Only an increase of 17 people dying and testing positive for the CCP Virus, more than likely with 2-3 comorbidities and an average age greater than their life expectancy
  • But there were an additional 468 ASYMPTOMATIC persons forced into quarantine,
  • This brought the provincial COVID-prisoner count up to 14,154 people forcibly detained

These people are subject to unlawful detention and solitary confinement, without the right to legal counsel, without the right to Habeas, without the right of appeal, and for an INDEFINITE TIME PERIOD. Furthermore, they are forcibly subject to penetrative diagnostic procedures to make you feel like there's something to panic about.

Ontario reported +2,380 additional "cases of the virus" on Thursday March 25th, but this was actually only +2,100 because of some creative record-keeping by the Ministry of Munchausen by Government.
But, they also reported the resolution.. you know, where people who once tested positive now test negative.. of 1,329 which is the kernel of what I term the #CaseCountFraud. So effectively, we only had 771 actual additional cases. It's the language, that is how they shift the Overton Window.

And, it gets even better. The day prior, we only had a net-change of +40 "cases". So as you were advised, let's look at the current trend, Ms "Super-Sayan-Generalist".

  • Mar19: +29 hospitalized
  • Mar20: +6 hospitalized
  • Mar21: -5 hospitalized (yes, that's a negative, meaning discharge or death)
  • Mar22: +53 hospitalized
  • Mar23: +55 hospitalized
  • Mar24: +25 hospitalized
  • Mar25: +1 hospitalized

That is the trend PROVINCE-WIDE. How many hospitals are there in Ontario? Every single news agency who has been pushing the fact that we had this "HUGE SPIKE of more than 1,000 cases in one day" is NOT reporting the news but rather disseminating propaganda, because it is NOT true.

It is pure and unadulterated fear-porn. The highest reasonably acceptable count is +2,100 but the only think you can ETHICALLY report is the hospitalization count, you fucking idiot, which is guess what.. ONLY +1 COVID-19 additional patients were in the hospital on Thursday March 25th. Don't forget this could mean while 25 were admitted, 24 we discharged or died.
And.. only +25 on WedMar24. Neither is a fucking cause for concern. You my dear, are either so easily "convinced" that you get fucked on the first date, or you're a fuckin' shill. Either way, you're a fucking JOKE. Go back to pimping radio ads, sweetie...

You're a fucking peddler of fear porn, trying to satisfy the public's need to be in a constant search of extremes, like a cortisol junky. Fuck you and your managers.