Stop The Ontario Fraud

Meme warfare... this photo is an example of how one of our readers used one of our previous memes. Note the placement in a high-traffic public location. This was our "Fight Communism" (Stop The Spread) repeal of one of the FordNation twats that told us to isolate for the holidays.
This is now our "Fight Fraud" (Stop Ford's Fraud) edition, as we explore the Case Delta Fraud.

Alright guys, I've stepped up in the design process of files for posters to be posted around your home-town. These are SPECIFICALLY targeted to the great fraud being pushed by FordNation and Public Health Ontario.

  1. Set Alpha is just a full page (letter-size) for printing and posting.
  2. Set Beta is a half page (letter-size) that you can print and cut.
  3. Set Gamma is an amalgam (letter-size) of those two layouts.

These are be available from the sites as individual PNG and PDF for your printing pleasure. I'll do up a printable comp layout for the amalgam this week. However, you can download the files direct from these addresses right now:

  1. Solo PDF
    Solo PNG
  2. Demi PDF
    Demi PNG
  3. Quarto PDF
    Quarto PNG